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Adobe Transforms Substance 3D Into A Complete Suite For Creating 3D Materials

Adobe transforms Substance 3D into a complete suite for creating 3D materials

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  • Since Adobe acquired Substance , the company has grown from creating 3D texture materials for games and movies to being the benchmark in its field for the entire professional range of digital creations. From costumes, product design to architecture and much more, Substance 3D is there.

    Now Adobe Substance 3D has a full suite of four applications (and another on the way) for creating, capturing, and painting new 3D digital materials. Use smart materials that adapt to any object to show realistic or weathered surface details.

    With a Library of 2,000 new models it ‘s hard not to have where to start creating scenes for interior design, commercial spaces and stores, filling entire levels of video games, or simply writing a composition for product marketing.

    Within its asset platform it also has what is called 3D Lights, which are basically parametric ambient lights dedicated to product and fashion photography.

    Substance 3D Painter

    With this application you can texturize and paint 3D models in real time, with advanced brushes to intelligent materials that automatically adapt to the model.

    Substance 3D Designer

    With a node-based system you can create seamless patterns and materials, image filters, ambient lights, or even 3D models.

    Substance 3D Sampler

    Formerly known as Substance Alchemist, it transforms real-world textures and colors into 3D materials. Go out with your phone’s camera to capture new colors and textures, just import a photo, and start adjusting the parameters and cooking your own photorealistic surfaces.

    Featuring new procedural IBL creation, livelink edits in Photoshop, new and improved filters, and a revamped user interface.

    Substance 3D Stager

    Now you can build in your own virtual studio, where you can create a complete scene where you can configure your materials, lights and cameras. To then export your images and web and AR experiences. The application comes with models, materials and lights to start with, and it has a powerful rendering engine.

    Adobe Substance 3D Modeler
    Adobe Substance 3D Modeler

    Adobe Substance 3D Modeler

    Also accompanying this suite is the application (for now in beta phase), Adobe Substance 3D Modeler , which works in a similar way to ZBrush, as an application that allows you to sculpt, but with the addition of using Virtual Reality (VR).

    Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

    Great news is that Substance 3D integrates with some applications that are part of Adobe Creative Cloud such as Photoshop and Illustrator, when you edit your images you will see the results immediately.

    Additionally, Substance 3D already has a large community of artists and enthusiasts who share or sell their knowledge and creations, so you won’t feel alone when starting out.

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